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Foundation SOE

10th May 1940 - the Nazi's invade the Netherlands. At about this time Churchill initiated a new secret organisation. This new service was made up from a number of smaller organisations which were already in existence. It was called SOE. The Special Operations Executive. It was this organisation which sent the agents to e.g. the Netherlands and through this organisation that things went badly wrong. You can read more about SOE in: Organisations / SOE - SIS and Organisations / The play

10th May 2008 - Stichting Onderzoek Englandspiel is founded or Association for the Investigation of Englandspiel. Called in short; SOE.

So what are the objectives of this new association?

So what are the objectives of this new foundation? Well, the name says it all. We do research into Englandspiel and you couldn't put any better than to say: "Find the truth". Also we would like to bring together all our current research data and pool the "Englandspiel Library" into one foundation.
Stated in the Foundation statutes are:


Article 3

  • 1. The objectives of the foundation are:
  •    - Find out the truth about what happened in, so called, Englandspiel or Operation North Pole
  •    - The analysis of all further business which has any foundation with or relevance to the previous all encompassing stated intention.
  • 2. The Foundation intends achieve these objectives by:
  •    - Organising an annual meeting for associates of the agents involved as well as other interested parties.
  •    - Interviewing persons and researching archives, wherever they may be, to assemble information which will be electronically recorded and made available on the internet.
  •    - To do everything what is in direct or indirect relation with the research or can help in the broadest sense of the word.
  • 3. The Foundation will be non-profit making.

Why a Foundation?

You will have seen when you read the Introduction page that many of the secret archives will only be opened in 20 or 30 years and that only what still remains and has not already been "sanitised" for one reason or another.
Most of us will have experienced the honour and trustworthiness of consecutive governments which, let's face it, isn't that great.Rather like the so called temporary increase of petrol prices due to some crisis or other with the promise by government that it will be reduced again. And well, well....isn't it funny? The petrol price never comes down again in any subsequent government.
Anyway! Back to business: Even though I don't really expect anything new to turn up I will keep on with research and see whether we can bring the real truth out into the open rather than keep it under the hat. You have to realise that there is the possibility that I will not be around anymore sometime in the future hence this foundation and the encouragement for new and younger researchers to carry on the project.

Future Action.

  • 1. Annal meeting. Probably on the Saturday or Sunday, nearest to the 6th or 7th September. These were the dates when the majority of the agents were murdered. (See Mauthausen )Do you know any surviving relatives or interested parties who would be interested? Tell them about this website. Email us. You'll find email addresses in Various/Contact.
  • 2. Research in the National Archives in The Hague and at the NIOD in Amsterdam.
  • 3. More research in the National Archives in London.
  • 4. Archive research in Warsaw Poland in order to try and trace the missing agents.

In order to try and achieve the above objectives we have included the following article in the statutes:


Article 4

  • Financial support of the foundation is proposed by:
  • - subscription from those who sympathise with the foundation's objectives.
  • - subscription from those who are already involved in the Foundation.
  • - subsidies and donations.
  • - gifts legacies and bequests.
  • - any other sources.

In order to temporarily hold these funds there is a bank account at the Triodos Bank:

International Bank Account Number: NL69 TRIO 0212 1292 60
To pay in from abroad the BIC code: TRIONL2U
Account is in the name : Stichting Onderzoek Englandspiel established at Ede.

Foundation committee:

The foundation committee comprises the following members:

Chairman: Coen Hijszeler. email; coen@englandspiel.eu

Secretary: Henk Niermeijer. email; henk@englandspiel.eu

Treasurer: Adri Wijnen. email; adri@englandspiel.eu

Work and study groups:

Nothing is fixed with regard to projects and work groups within the foundation. No groups have actually been formed. There is something for everyone to do to take us all forward and make progress together.

  • 1. In the first week of September 2009 it will be 65 years since 51 young people were murdered in the line of duty. 65 Years of age is the normal age when people finally retire and earn their rest. The committee would like to mark and celebrate this "retirement" with a meeting for interested parties and surviving relations of the agents. Depending upon any subsidies we manage to obtain we will be asking for a entrance fee for the meeting.

  • 2. As you can see in the list of agents we haven't managed to trace all their surviving relatives.

  • 3. Translation of the website into German or English.

  • 4. And finally and very importantly; Fundraising. We need donations and donors.

So guys, that's quite a list.
Lets get cracking.